An optimised factory layout by The Manufacturing Technology Centre
Improved efficiency and increased output by Dufaylite


Improved efficiency and increased output

Dufaylite has manufactured recycled paper honeycomb since 1955. We’ve become one of the leading sustainable suppliers throughout Europe. We innovate by using our design skills alongside our honeycomb products to deliver sustainable solutions across a number of sectors. 

Constant innovation is something we take seriously: in an ever-changing world, you have to not only keep up but keep ahead. In order to do so, taking an honest look at workplace practices and inefficiencies is essential.

Recently, as part of our continued investment, we tasked The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to deliver and implement a product improvement programme to increase the efficiency and output from our factory in St Neots.

What the MTC analysed

The MTC’s solution was to look at the following points:

  • Is the manufacturing strategy aligned with the sales strategy?
  • Map the manufacturing process to identify bottlenecks
  • A future vision and a new optimised layout created
  • Lean values and behaviours to be embedded within the whole organisation

The aim here was to take a holistic view of the business in order to find how changes to manufacturing strategy could affect the entire organisation’s performance.

The result

The outcome has already made significant improvements to the day to day operation of the factory.

Key benefits feature:

  • An optimised factory layout
  • Specification created for future investment in technology including what to buy and when to invest
  • Reduction in work in progress
  • Reduction in production costs
  • Workforce brought into the improvement programme
  • Trials completed to prove improvement proposal and mitigate risk of investment

Working with the MTC has been fantastic for Dufaylite. It has really challenged our thinking and helped us push our culture and really deliver things for the future.


August 2018.

Client. Dufaylite.