Packaging for Green & Blacks taste-testing kit
Luxury short run packaging for Green & Blacks

Ultra Board

Luxury, short run packaging for big brands made sustainably with Ultra Board

Showcase Creative, a design agency specialising in short run luxury packaging, has recently made the switch to using our Ultra Board. Starting with the packaging for a taste-testing kit for the chocolate brand Green & Black’s, they used Ultra Board to create remarkably elegant boxes that show off the new ‘intensity scale’ developed by the chocolate producer – all while being 100% recyclable.

We spoke with Jack Batey, one of Showcase Creative’s directors, about what made them choose Ultra Board. The company have a lot of experience with print and packaging, and were used to using a dense foam lining that allowed them to make neat, custom cutouts to fit and display differently-shaped products. However, in light of many recent realisations regarding plastic waste, Showcase Creative realised that they needed a sustainable alternative.

They soon came across Ultra Board and loved the feel of it.

Ultra Board is easy to work with and we can cut it in-house. It also works well with the glue and tape that we use so we know that our products are going to remain intact after sending them out.


The pieces for the taste testing included small samples of drinks to complement the particular chocolate flavour profiles. So something sturdy needed to be used – sturdy enough to keep them safe from crushing while in transit, as well as workable enough to make the slots fit well.

The honeycomb structure of Ultra Board gives it a surprisingly high compressive strength while also retaining rigidity. Which means that, unlike cardboard, it doesn’t easily fold over and crumple.

What’s more, the fact that Ultra Board is paper makes it extremely easy to print vibrant colours and designs directly onto it or otherwise incorporate eye-catching designs through gluing card onto our honeycomb core.

Ultra Board was the perfect fit.

We have not had to explore any other suppliers as we’ve been happy with the product & service from Dufaylite. We often need to turn orders around very quickly. The lead time is great and the ordering process is simple.


It’s been a pleasure working with Showcase Creative and we hope to continue working with them for many years to come. If you’d like to talk about how Ultra Board can help you too, get in touch.

Client. Showcase Creative.