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Honeycomb paper

Ultra Board: Creative Opportunities in the Home

We absolutely love our Ultra Board line – it’s ultra sleek and just as versatile. But, for the most part, it tends to be used for commercial and workplace applications to provide a huge variety of solutions (such as modular furniture and portable signage) – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, we thought we’d suggest some fun applications in the home for it.

What is Ultra Board & how does it work?

Ultra Board is our solution for sustainable, beautiful signage, and Ultra Board 3D is its older sibling that unlocks your creativity – it’s able to be cut and assembled into practically any shape!

Like a number of our other products, it makes use of a paper honeycomb core to provide a surprising amount of strength at a surprisingly low weight. The core strength comes from a tessellated honeycomb shape. In essence, a honeycomb structure provides the most internal support possible at the lowest weight – we should consult bees more regularly for structural innovations!

So how can it be used in the home?

Eye-catching artwork

You can use Ultra Board as a super lightweight base for artwork to hang around your home. Because it’s made from recycled paper, it can easily be painted or printed on with anything you’d like. In fact, it being easy to print on has made all of our packaging & signage solutions possible!

While a print may not offer the same aesthetic as original artworks on, say, canvas, this tends to be a much more affordable way of adding colour and vibrance to your home.

Alternatively, it can be a great way to mock up potential aesthetics, with numerous artworks and placements to help you establish a long-term theme that you’re happy with.

Quirky shelves

Because Ultra Board is rigid, it can be used in many of the same applications that you’d use wood in. A particularly fun one is to use it as a shelf or shelving unit, with the edge exposed to show the recycled paper honeycomb core.

So long as it doesn’t get wet, your Ultra Board shelf is going to be remarkably durable - and is bound to be a conversation starter with any guest in your home.

Showpiece furniture

While an Ultra Board sofa may not offer the same comfort as a luxury velvet one, Ultra Board furniture can be a really fun way to add interest to a room. Simply add some cushions or throws and they work just as well as any department store furniture – without the environmental impact, too!

Sound dampening & diffusing

This is especially noticeable in rooms with high ceilings, bare walls, and hardwood or polished stone floors. Conversations at normal level echo around the hard surfaces, get amplified in corners, and often make the rooms unpleasant to be in. This is magnified when more people are in the room, perhaps with a speaker playing music, having multiple conversations – suddenly, everyone has to shout just to be heard by someone next to them.

A key way to get around this is to get soft furnishings in the room, like a showpiece rug or a soft sofa, but another great way to dampen echoes is to use sound absorption panels on the walls. These tend to be made with a porous, semi-dense material, like thermal insulation held together in a wooden frame, but can just as easily be made from paper honeycomb sheets.

The sheets won’t absorb as much sound, because they’re not that dense, but they will help to diffuse the sound by bouncing it around the gaps in the honeycomb - rather than reflecting it primarily back into the room!

Interested in Ultra Board?

If you’re interested in Ultra Board, get in touch! We’re always on hand to help you find the right solution for your needs – from unique applications to traditional point-of-sale displays.

2nd January 2024