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Dufaylite through the years

Dufaylite Timeline & History - Paper Honeycomb

As variations of Dufaylite, we have a long and colourful history; from being a player in early colour photography to our current focus on sustainable, effective replacements for construction, display and packaging materials.

This year marks our 65th anniversary, so it seems a great time for a retrospective - before looking to the future. We’re proud of our history of innovation, and are excited to share a slice of that with you here.


We became incorporated as Dufaylite Developments Ltd in 1955, and initially sold licences for overseas production of ‘Dufaylite’ – a type of colour film originally developed in the mid ‘40s.

We quickly began to develop honeycombs that were used in aviation, due to their exceptional strength to weight ratio. This also led to their widespread use in things such as internal bulkheads, radomes, lightweight tabletops, and even in the caravan industry!


Dufaylite became a name in the world of door cores. Our paper honeycombs helped to create lightweight, strong doors, stopping door-to-door manufacturers from creating as many solid timber doors - resulting in less timber usage. Not only was this good from a sustainability and cost point of view, but our doors were also more easily recyclable at the end of their life – making the cores a better choice at all stages of the process.


We began to develop fire-resistant materials to help control fires, while also providing greater non-fire use than traditional methods.

In 1978, we also began to manufacture Clayboard, an innovative solution to protect foundations from ground movement. It still provides one of the best solutions for solid foundations to this day. You can find out more about how the system works in the video below:


The 80s were busy! We received certification for Firesleeve from the BBA, became a founder member of the Intumescent Fire Seals Association, and opened a second factory on our St Neots site to aid our Clayboard and panel manufacturing. This all helped us towards creating a more robust company portfolio, and it enabled us to forge forward with creating exceptional fire-safety materials.


We launched a slimmer 4-hour Firesleeve and a greater free area Fireblock Ultra – helping to make buildings safer and more effective. In the middle of the decade, Tony Moscrop joined as MD and helped to set in motion the move to an independent Dufaylite. Towards the end of the decade we also got an Agrément Certificate for Clayboard, thus officially certifying its usefulness.


We continued to develop our Ultra Board and Envirolite range of products, to meet more complex and advanced needs with more complex and advanced solutions. Of note is that our Clayboard was used in the construction of Tottenham Hotspur’s new football stadium! We also developed honeycomb packaging for food deliveries, thus enabling the Dufaylite hallmark of low weight strength to be felt in the food and drink industry too.


This year marks our 65th anniversary, and the beginning of even more progress when it comes to what we want to achieve. We have a lot lined up for the coming months and years, and are really excited for the future.

Check out our plans for beyond 2020 in our recent blog post, all about the future of Dufaylite.

12 October 2020