The Dufaylite team
Les Hill and Paul Gill at Dufaylite

Meet The Dufaylite Team

Over our 65 year history, one thing that we’ve learnt is that a brand is only as good as its people. Fortunately for us, we’ve been lucky enough to work with an incredible team of people over the years - many of whom have been with us for a significant portion of the company’s life.

As we’re reflecting on our history and celebrating our birthday, we wanted to ask the people behind the brand what they think makes Dufaylite so special.


“One of the things that makes Dufaylite special is the constant pursuit of innovation in our field,” explains Senior 3D Designer Callum, who’s been with us for 5 years. “We remain on the lookout for technologies or philosophies that can improve our productivity as a manufacturer, or that allow us to develop new products and services that meet the ever changing needs of the market.”

This is a point of view shared by one of our longest running team members, Nigel West, our Technical Sales Manager. After 33 years as part of the team, Nigel says: “I know of no other company that makes the range of products we do, or has been as innovative.

“The company has a history of trying new things, whether that be new products or new market sectors, but also making investments in machinery and systems to make sure we are at the forefront.”

Product Range

Another thing we’ve learnt over the years is the importance of variety, and of a product that offers the perfect fit for its intended use. Rhiannon, who’s been part of our Customer Service team for 2 years, says that the range of products is what makes Dufaylite so special, as well as the focus on contributing to a greener environment.

Our Operations Manager Les agrees, saying: “I think the special things about Dufaylite are not only the environmentally friendly products we make, but the way we adapt to customers needs and are always looking to improve, whether it be our products or how we make them.”

Sustainability and a focus on environmentally-friendly product development is incredibly important to us at Dufaylite, and something that we’ve been working on now for decades. It’s integral to our brand and our offering to this day, and applies to all industries - from greener construction to recyclable bespoke packaging materials. “The company’s ability to truly offer an alternative packaging concept using 100% recyclable materials'' is one of the things that our Operations Director, Tom, feels makes us truly stand out from the competition.

The People

Paul Gill, our Head of Sales (Packaging & Display), has worked at Dufaylite for 21 years, and celebrates how the people are so key to its success. “What makes Dufaylite special is the people, and how together we build upon our solidly established foundation to create a better future for the environment,” he details.

We count ourselves very lucky that so many of our team cited this as being a stand-out quality of Dufaylite. “Dufaylite is a special place to work because of the individuals, everyone is always willing to help one another out. It is so refreshing to see directors getting involved in the everyday running of the business,” explained Amie from our Purchasing team.

We’ll leave you with one final quote from our team, discussing what their favourite thing about working at Dufaylite is. We hope to only continue to grow and develop as a brand, and to continue to offer our teams something unique.

“My favourite thing about working at Dufaylite is the vast variety of sectors I work with, the fascinating projects I work on, and the wonderful people I meet.

To find out more about Dufaylite as we celebrate our 65th birthday, take a look back at the history of the brand, or find out more about how we see things developing in the future.

15 October 2020