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Dufaylite honeycomb paper

Using Renewable Sources To Improve The Future

Dufaylite has been at the forefront of honeycomb paper manufacturing since 1955. Our revolutionary honeycomb core allowed for an exceptional strength to weight ratio, suitable for everything from aircraft applications to advertising boards.

We’ve been prioritising sustainable innovation since we started as a brand, but it’s now more important than ever to establish smart solutions to the growing problems of plastic waste and harmful construction materials.

So what does the future look like for Dufaylite?

Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability

Our mission is, fundamentally, to help the world reduce its reliance on plastics. The thing is, most applications currently reserved for plastics, especially in packaging, don’t actually need plastics.

Take our paper honeycomb as an example. It’s able to provide the same effect as polystyrene for construction and packaging, whilst being a recyclable (and recycled) material. It’s also more effective than cardboard for similar applications because its strength is on its face, rather than the edge of cardboard’s strength. This is perfect for things like protecting the edges of goods (such as fridges in transit), where our honeycomb pieces far outperform cardboard alternatives, while also being more sustainable than styrofoam edge protection.

The same applies to display boards. Our honeycomb core is able to provide a great deal of sturdiness for a fraction of the weight traditionally expected from large format shopfront boards.

Our longer-term goal is to be able to run our factory entirely from renewable sources. We see it as an important step for the industry to lead the transition to sustainable energy, rather than waiting for domestic changes. After all, if the only products available to consumers are not sustainable, how can we expect the everyday consumer to make a transition to sustainability?

Needs-based Innovation

We began as a response to a need – the need for aeroplanes to be lightweight while also retaining their strength – and we have always operated in this vein. A problem needs a solution, and great design thinking is what achieves those solutions.

This is why we’re beginning the Dufaylite Design Lab, in order to develop specific solutions for individual company’s needs. Innovation cannot be static; it needs to be a constantly-progressing drive to do better, and be better. So we’re really excited to soon be able to offer this on a much more specific scale than we have previously been able to do so. If you want to see it in action, get in touch with a member of our team today.

This will work across many industries and many of their challenges – and, we anticipate, challenges we would have never considered before. But we’re positive that not only will these challenges be surmountable, but that they’ll be great fun too.

So, it’s been a difficult year for many people, but it has also been a really exciting year for us – with much more to be announced.

The future looks bright through honeycomb.

15 October 2020