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How Bespoke Packaging Makes Your Product Stand Out

With the great proliferation of products in today’s hyper-connected, hyper-competitive, globalised world, every effort needs to be made to stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough anymore to just have a great product, it needs to look great to prospective buyers too!

We love solving packaging problems, and one of the most important and effective ones is that of making packaging that stands out in order to make your product stand out.

It’s all about perception

How something is packaged, how it calls you from the shelf, draws you to it, and how it feels in your hands all go together to create a full aura of associations. These associations are surprisingly powerful when it comes to deciding whether to actually purchase a product or not – and what’s more, this isn’t limited to evaluating one product against another of the same type.

Let’s take as an example a company that creates a really great water bottle. You’ve never used it, but a friend you trust uses one on a daily basis and swears by it. Now, you might be looking to buy a different product (say, a thermal flask), but when you look at the products on the shelf, you already have the assumption that Brand A creates products that people like – which are, probably, good products.

So this attention to detail doesn’t just help the one product, but the whole brand. So it’s not just something that’s beneficial at the point of comparing two similar products in a shop, it helps to create an aura of quality for the whole range, and for people who have opted for those products.

That is, at a certain point, the quality of the brand becomes a social benefit for people who have bought into the brand.

Perception can drive price

All of this desirability translates, in business terms, into higher possible price points and therefore higher potential profits. If buyers believe that buying your product will last longer, then they’re likely to opt for it over cheaper alternatives because they know that they won’t have to buy again in a hurry.

It’s important here, however, to make sure that the product does actually work and is good quality – because perceptions can change quickly if the product looks great but quickly breaks or becomes otherwise unusable.

By having a quality product and the display of quality, your product can more effectively ride economic waves. Across all of the ups and downs of the last decade, for example, iPhone sales have remained relatively stable because people (largely) trust that they work well and will continue to work well.

So what about online retail?

All this begs the question: does bespoke product packaging matter now that retail has shifted significantly to online marketplaces? We’d argue that it absolutely does.

Although online-only retail means you have to create the perception of quality in different ways (such as relying on reviews, videos of the product, product imagery, and so on), receiving a product with outstanding packaging confirms your decision to buy it.

In other words, you’re already sold on it being a good product before you’ve started using it – and that makes a world of difference.

Create outstanding product packaging

Let’s talk about how we can help you create outstanding product packaging.

Not only do we help brands stand out with great-looking, high-quality packaging, but our materials are eco-friendly, too — another key ingredient in the recipe for consumer trust these days.

4 April 2023