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The Main Benefits of Honeycomb Cardboard Sheets for Display Signs

From day one, we’ve existed to make the most of the wonders of honeycomb cores – specifically with cardboard. Nature is wise – and the bees seem to have been around long enough to know what they’re doing when it comes to building strong structures. Even though we started by making honeycomb core parts for aeroplanes, where we’ve really had liftoff is in construction, packaging, and (importantly) display marketing.

Our Ultra Board is great stuff, but what is honeycomb cardboard, is cardboard even suitable for display signs, and what are its benefits if so?

Let’s find out.

Honeycomb Cardboard is Elegant

So, quickly, let’s explain what honeycomb-core board is by comparing it to traditional cardboard. Traditional cardboard is made by laminating two flat sheets against a zigzag corrugation of other cardboard. This corrugated core is what helps to give it strength: by reinforcing it along the edge.

Honeycomb core, on the other hand, features two sheets of card glued over a honeycomb centre – imagine sandwiching a slice of actual honeycomb. While a relatively simple difference, it makes for a dramatically different product.

While corrugated cardboard has great strength along the same axis as the flutes (the w-shaped corrugations), the honeycomb board remains sturdy on its side and on its face.

How Honeycomb Board Works for Display Signs

Importantly, then, corrugated cardboard does a reasonable job of not squishing when standing up – which is why it has proven so popular for applications like boxes – but it quickly crumples when it needs to withstand any lateral force.

That is, if you have a wide, flat piece of cardboard without significant reinforcement, it will start to crumple and fold with any pressure on its face. The smallest gust of wind could suddenly render your whole display stand useless.

Honeycomb core, on the other hand, can withstand a surprising amount of force on its face – so it’s perfect for boxes, but also ideal for large displays.

That’s why we love our display sign board!

Here are some of the main benefits of ours:

Benefits of Honeycomb Core Display Signs

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

While a lot of display boards are made from plastics, our honeycomb core board is made from paper – and we make the core from 100% recycled paper. This removes a huge amount of waste from the landfill cycle – and any that does go to landfill easily biodegrades without any long term environmental impact.

2. It’s Lightweight

Less weight means less to transport, but it’s also low volume. Because our honeycomb board displays can be cut off-site and quickly assembled where they’re intended to be displayed, they can be easily sent flat packed. Which means less space taken up in transit, lower transport costs, and fewer emissions as a result.

3. It’s Durable

Because of the lateral strength of honeycomb core boards, they’re amazingly resistant to bending and crumpling – so a display board will last all season (or as long as you need it) before a low impact, recyclable end.

4. It’s Easily Customisable

Being a paper product, our honeycomb core display boards are easily printable with any design. For example, designers can make use of the natural finish and opt for a single-ink design, or print out high resolution imagery with elaborate assembly designs. The limits are the imagination!

Learn More About Ultra Board

Ultra Board is our display solution – moving towards a sustainable future and with an exceptional quality right now. See what Ultra Board can do.

25 January 2023